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Sports Massage - Acupressure - Energy Healing

Improving Performance & Restoring Balance in horse's and people for over 8 years. I focus on addressing all aspects of physical and emotional issues to create complete equilibrium.
Each horse is different, and I’ll work with yours to give them the best specific treatment they need.


About Jenny

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Jenny has been around and owned horses from a very young age, along with being a passionate Equine Therapist she is the proud Owner & Facilitator at Small Strides CIC - Equine Assisted  Therapy Centre in Bristol and owns 3 beautiful horses.
Her journey into healing and therapies began in 2012 when she suffered from a bad horse riding accident, which resulted in her fracturing her lower lumbar spine in three places.
It was during this time Jenny discovered the powerful healing of Reiki, which helped a lot in her recovery. She went on to study Reiki at level 1, progressing onto Level 2 finally completing her Reiki Master Degree Level and Teaching in 2015.
Jenny is also a fully qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist,  and Animal Communicator, also incorporating Acupressure and Energy Body Re-alignment and Trauma Therapy into her treatments.  
Jenny has a very calm and gentle approach along with being extremely passionate in her work. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe her. Jenny is fully aware each animal is different, and will work with yours to give them the best specific treatment they need. Whether you’re thinking about getting a routine check-up for you horse, have physical or emotional issue's that need addressing, need general advice, or even want to learn Reiki Healing, Animal Communication or Equine Sports Massage then she can help.


"I may not speak your language but when you listen with your heart you will hear me speak"

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