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Course & Workshops

Let me help improve your animal-owner relationship. All my courses help improve communication between you and your horse and strengthening the bonds of loyalty. I offer a range of courses from equine healing, communication to equine well-being. My venue is also available for hire for people wanting to hold courses here. Check out my course calendar for dates.




Want to learn how to communicate with your pets, understand them better and meet like-minded people? If your answer is yes, then you should consider attending one of my Animal Communication Workshops.

This one day workshop will teach you the skills and techniques on how to awaken the natural animal communicator within all of us. It will cover the different ways of receiving information from animals and provide you with a step-by-step technique to enable you to tune in to an animal’s energy and start communicating. We will also work on ways to open your heart and crowns Chakras to enhance communications along with meditations and exercises to help remove barriers that could get in your way, encouraging you to move from a place of fear to unconditional love.

"Just had a fantastic day on the course with Jenny. She's an amazing teacher with lots of knowledge and great facilities to learn. Thank you for your time and support, thoroughly enjoyed it. So interesting and definitely didn't disappoint xx"

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Learning Reiki with us is a fantastic way to start you on your healing journey. We know because our clients tell us how much better they feel after learning Reiki.

“I’ve had a fantastic couple of days on Reiki 1 course. Recommend it to anyone, whether it's to treat your own pets and build a better relationship with them or it's the start of a new career. Everything is explained so well and so much time to practice and receive feedback. Can't wait to try it on my family, friends and pets!! Thank you for teaching me!!!”

On this course you will get attuned to the energies of First Degree Reiki, learn about the different energy systems, learn about self-healing and how to treat family and friends.
Reiki and can help to deeply relax both people and animals. It works by balancing the energy in the body and stimulates the body's natural ability for self healing. Reiki works the subtle energy systems of the body: chakras, meridians and aura and can help with a range of problems, from anxiety and depression to general aches and pains and much more.




This course is for any one who has completed Reiki Level one with myself, if you have a certificate from a different training provider then i will need to see a copy of this.

My 2nd Degree reiki course is a 2 day course, aimed for working on both people and animals. If you have a Reiki certificate and wish to work on animals then have a look at my Animal Reiki Course.

At 2nd Degree level, you will:

  • Receive an attunement to 2nd Degree which will amplify the energy you are currently working with

  • Learn the Reiki symbols and how the symbols can be used in everyday life

  • Learn how to send healing over a distance and about surrogate healing

  • Learn how to send healing to the past and future and how to use Reiki for achieving goals

  • Develop your intuition further

  • Use distance Reiki to aid in communication with animals




Reiki Masters level is for anyone who has completed and been practicing at Reiki Level 2 for at least a year. This level is the highest level in Reiki Healing and is designed for people wanting to incorporate Reiki into their life fully. Personal & Spiritual development are no-longer optional they are essential and the Reiki Master course will lead you to a more spiritual way of being.

My course is held over 2 weekends spaced roughly a month apart. It will cover;

  • Recap on reiki 1 & reiki 2

  • Master Attunements

  •  Learning the symbols and ways to apply them

  • New ways of dowsing

  • Energy Tracking

  • Body Unwinding

  • Chakra and Aura balancing

  • Body realignments through energy healing

  • Cranial - Sacral Balancing

  • Psychic Surgery

  • Advanced healing techniques and tools

  • Working on and applying techniques to Animals

  • Surrogate Healing

"Receiving a Master Attunement does not make you a Reiki Master! It is just the beginning of a long journey towards the mastery of Reiki." Penelope Quest




This course is ideal for anyone who is looking to apply their Reiki healing to animals. I usually run this as a second day to my First Degree Reiki course however if you hold a Reiki Certificate at any level and want to learn how to apply this to help heal your animals then this is for you.

The course covers;

  • Learning more about basic animal health

  • Learn about animal behavior and how to read the animals energy & body language

  • Learning how to scan you animal for energy imbalances or blockages

  • How using Reiki on yourself can help your animals 

  • Learn requirements when working in a clinic and how to write vet reports

  • Develop your ability to listen to energy and communicate using Reiki

  • Learn about the differnt animals energy systems of the body: chakras, auras and meridians

  • Practice the different techniques and learn how to give a full treatment to the animals

"This was a great course, i really enjoyed learning how to use my reiki healing on the animals. Jenny was excellent at explaining everything and showing me so i could understand. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to help heal their animals"

Training of Foals



This workshop has been put together by myself for horse owners wanting to learn a range of body work techniques to help improve their horses performance. This Equine Body Work Course will offer my unique blend of equine sports massage, soft tissue release and stretching as well as some general Acupressure Therapy points to work on. The workshop will be 2 full days of practical applications as well as some basic theory behind the methods used. You will also receive a course manual to support the techniques demonstrated.

With many years experience in working with horses to help them with both physical and emotional issues, I thought I would put together some things that you as a horse owner can use at home to help your horses on a day-to day basis.

  • Basic Equine Anatomy

  • Learn why body work is essential for performance and when body work shouldn't be used

  • Learn some basic Equine Sports Massage Techniques to help relieve tensions in the muscles

  • Learn some basic Acupoints for common alignments using the Bladder Meridian

  • Learn a range of Equine Stretches to help with suppleness and reduce the risk of injury




This Advanced Animal Communication & Healing Workshop will teach you more skills and techniques to continue on your journey in being an animal communicator.

The workshop will cover the following;

  • What is Earth Energy Healing and how can it be used in  animal communication

  • Animal energy systems; aura, chakras & meridians

  • Guided meditation to connect to the Earth Energy to use in healing

  • How to use earth energy healing during an animal communication

  • Advanced dowsing techniques

  • Dealing with behavioural issues and when healing wont work

  • Practical communications & healing via photographs of animals

Price includes Tea, coffee, biscuits a comprehensive manual to take home, certificate & ongoing support through a private Facebook group.

"Just had a fantastic day on the course with Jenny. She's an amazing teacher with lots of knowledge and great facilities to learn. Thank you for your time and support, thoroughly enjoyed it. So interesting and definitely didn't disappoint xx"



Kick-start your new year with some Self - Care & Love...

Were all feeling a little low this time of year with the colder weather & darker nights.

Why not take this time to invest in YOU?

These workshops are held on during the time of a New or Full Moon 🌕

The moon is a powerful time to manifest and bring your dreams to light, as well as for releasing old or negative energy’s, toxic thoughts and habits.

It’s also a powerful time for inner work, looking within, healing and a perfect time to practise forgiveness and gratitude.


Learn my favourite and scientifically proven self-care tips and techniques to help you live your best life.

✨ Manifest your dreams & goal setting
✨ Gratitude Journaling
✨ Positive Affirmations
✨ Vision Board
✨ Meditation's & Mindfulness
✨ EFT Tapping for general issues


Book Now

All courses are held at my Equine Facilitated Learning Centre in Beach, between Bristol and Bath. Set in an area of outstanding natural beauty the venue offers a calm and tranquil setting the perfect place to learn.

Tea, coffee, herbal teas and biscuits are available throughout the day. Lunch not provided. £50 deposit secures your place on any course - please email at to request a booking from.

Then complete a booking form and return along with your deposit.

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