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Equine & Canine Acupressure Therapy


What is Acupressure?

Acupressure originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC). TMC treats the mind-body-spirit as a single entity in harmony with itself and the environment. The Chinese view the body, human or equine, as an intricate integrated and independent system in which all aspects of life are intimately inter-wind. Health occurs when the body essence, body energetic and the spirit are in harmony and balance with internal and external elements.

The cornerstone of TCM is Chi or life force energy. It is the vital substance that makes the body function both human and animal. When we have sufficient Chi and it is balanced  then we are well, our bodies function properly and we are happy, however when our Chi is imbalanced this is when we can become unwell, physical problems arise and a low mood can surface. Chi passes through meridians. The meridians are a network like channel system that transport Chi to all areas of the body, they are connected and linked to all the main organs as well. A qualified practitioner will find any blockages or imbalances in the meridians and work on certain Acupressure Points to help bring back balance and restore these points.

How an Acupressure Treatment Works?

I will use my skills to do an full examination to pin point any pattern that reveals the root cause of the dysfunctional condition before the course of treatment is developed. I will be looking, listening, smelling and gathering information from the owner as well as physical palpitation for the examination. From my finding I will then put together a treatment plan of Acupressure Points to work on for the session. I use a Kinesiology approach of Muscle Testing to help me find the right points to work on.

Benefits of Acupressure Therapy

  • Is an appropriate treatment for a multitude of conditions such as arthritis, tying-up syndrome, back pain, colds/coughs, cribbing, colic (preventative), heaving, hock joint issues, immune system strengthening, neck issues, shoulder discomfort, stifle joint issues, swollen joints, stress management, founder, organ function, eye issues, edema, navicular, head-shaking and many other conditions/ injuries and diseases your horse may occur.

  • Has has become popular with competition horses because it allows continued performance in many cases, without having to resort to the use of drugs, which are often banned in competition.

  • Strengthens the bodyʼs immune system. It balances the flow of energy in the body to allow the body to heal.

  • Initiates the release of spasmodic muscle tissue.

  • Assists in the production and distribution of endorphins which alleviate pain, therefore making it an effective tool for pain management.

  • Therapy is a very effective tool for speeding up the healing process post surgery, post illness or during rehabilitation from injury or disease.

  • Therapy is a wonderful option for horses that do not like the application of massage strokes. The treatment offers a different sensation than massage, and some horses prefer it.

  • Therapy treats the equineʼs mind, body and spirit as an integrated, interdependent system, which allows the practitioner to identify imbalances before physical symptoms manifest, aiding in maintained wellness, or restoring health if an imbalance has already occurred.

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