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Satisfied Owners. Happier Horses.

"Today me and my horses had a visit from Jenny. I cannot recommend jenny highly enough she has a very sympathetic and calm approach and explains each step as she goes. I also had a reiki treatment done on myself which was totally amazing and left me feeling like a weight had been lifted of my shoulders. I have 3 horses & each treatment was completely different, my horses seemed to really react to Jenny's treatments and all seemed very relaxed when she finished. The communications were also very interesting and she highlighted some issues my horses were dealing with. I have attached a video of her working on my old pony where he was releasing some emotion that was bringing him down. I will update in the next week or so as to whether I see an improvement when riding them. Thanks Jenny, you are fab!"

“Every time I've had a session with Jenny I've been astounded by the results - I always feel so much more revitalised and grounded and can't thank her enough. A wonderful lady with amazing energy - don't hesitate to book!”

"Had my two horses done by Jenny last week, was particularly worried about my mare. Seemed very low and knew something no quite right. After session with Jenny rode her few days later and wow what a difference in her, very perky head up walking out, brighter eyes. My boy had poll pressure was shaking his head, now all released no head shaking. I'm amazed ....saw Jenny for myself today. Been suffering with back ache for so long and massive improvement along with other areas. I can't recommend this lovely lady enough."

"Hi jenny, had a lovely hack on h today, very relaxed and happy. A dog jumped out at us and she was great, a normal spook then back to normal. Thank you for your help, made a big difference to us both, both happy and feel more relaxed and confident. :) x"

"Jenny has been working very hard on my horse jess,trying to balance his emotions and deal with previous traumas he had obviously been holding on to.jess was a very anxious horse and couldn't relax fo...r more than 2 minutes,riding him had become an issue too because he was just so on edge all of the time! Since his treatments with jenny,he is like a different horse,he's so chilled and relaxed now about everything and is fantastic to be ridden again.i also had a treatment which jenny pin pointed things that related back to a nasty accident that i had suffered many years ago which were also affecting my horses emotions.i now feel like i have a great bond and understanding with my horse again after many years.thank you so much jenny for finding my old jess again.
Highly recommend you.x"

"He was so chilled all afternoon and he’s really calm about everything now, he’s actually the best behaved boy on the yard now, I’m really looking forward to working with him and hopefully we can start enjoying some fun hacks out, I really love my animals and want only the best for them, all you have done has real made a difference J Thank you so much."

"Jenny gave mi's a treatment this afternoon while she was working on him she talked me through what she could feel. She found a energy blockage along each side of the bottom of his back, as she worked on him, his tummy was making lots of noise she said this was all positive as it was a sign he was responding to the reiki. She... then started to work down his legs he suddenly just stretched his leg out. Mi was very relaxed, with his lips twitching and a lot of chewing looking extremely sleepy. When Jenny was working on his shoulder/base of neck she said she could feel another energy blockage and spent some time releasing.
Mi's seemed to have really enjoyed his treatment.
( l never told Jenny but mi's has arthritis in his neck which traps a nerve along his back.)
Thank You Jenny I was really impressed with what you did what you told me throughout giving mi's his treatment. x"

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