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Do you fancy a holiday this May in the sun ...while learning something new, in the beautifully stunning Algarve. Surrounded  by breath-taking landscapes and gorgeous Horses.

Flights currently only £90 flying from Bristol Sunday 17th
May - Monday 25th May Ryan Air!

** Spaces still available on my Animal Communication Workshop in the beautiful Algarve Portugal**

This one day workshop will teach you the skills and techniques you need to start you on your journey to being an animal communicator.

Despite what you have heard all of us are able to do this but just a few have the dedication to push beyond our boundaries to make it manifest.

Through deep meditation and opening up your heart energy centre will take you through the steps to be able to connect and communicate with your animals.

The workshop will explain the different ways of receiving information from animals and provide you with a step-by-step technique to enable you to tune in to an animal’s energy and start communicating.

We will also work on ways to open your heart and crowns Chakras along with meditations and exercises to help remove barriers that could get in your way, encouraging you to move from a place of fear to unconditional love.

£150 / 175EUR for the two workshops!
1.Animal Communication Workshop
2. Advanced Animal Communication & Healing
Price £95 / EUR 111

Price includes tea, coffee, biscuits, a manual to take home and a certificate.

There is an advanced animal communication workshop the following day, if you wish to participate in both, the combined price is £175 / EUR 205

To book your place please contact Jenny MacSharry:

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